‎”Expect the worst, hope for the best” is such a ridiculous phrase. Could you set yourself up for more failure?
“Prepare for the worst, work for the best, know you’ll endure enough to appreciate the amazing, and foster the relationships that foster you.”

I have been hurt, broken-hearted and even broken…but I am a fighter, and will not give up, even when I’ve lost all will to live..because I love life and my true family too much to give up. Plus, I am a stubborn bitch.

Only love has the power to save or destroy us.
Only love can leave us cold on the hottest day, or warm on the coldest night.
Only love can make a man lie down his arms in surrender one moment, and raise them up in defense the next.
Only love can bring us from the very brink of death, when we hear a voice we love softly urging us back.
Only love can stay a hand hellbent on destruction…or cause one to swing that is instructing.
Only love gives us a reason to carry on, when all other reasons are gone.
But love can be defeated…
By fear.
By haste.
By ingratitude.
By waste.
By refusing to look.
By refusal to accept.
By looking too much in the past or future.
By sheer will.
By narcissism.
By running.
But mostly? Love is defeated by fear.. possibly the only emotion stronger, but only stronger by our CHOICE to let it be.
I cannot be defeated by my fear, because I refuse to accept it, to choose it.
I am too busy enjoying my life.. appreciating each moment.. LIVING what life I have, to bother giving fear time to take control.
I am too busy choosing to laugh, to smile, to love, to feel the wind caress my face and dance in my hair.. too busy tilting my head upwards, eyes closed, relishing each drop of rain on my face to have time to let the doubts seep in.
I am too busy celebrating each second, reveling in each touch, giggling at each amusement, squealing at each unexpected gift to bother with resentment, hatred or rejection.
I am too busy to let the negative take over my life, to take over me.
I am too busy with life to let the slow deaths of fear or hurt live my life for me. ♥

In short….I am too busy choosing to have a good life to have a bad life….even when the negativity surrounds me, threatens to choke out everything I am.

We never truly know where this life will lead…who will cross our paths..what every following second holds.  But whatever it has in store, I will smile.  I will laugh with abandon, cry when I have need, love wherever I choose, and some I don’t.