What faith I had in people
You shook to its foundation
What faith I had in people
You crushed

What heart I had once
Bled out again, mistaken
What heart I had once, ash beneath your touch

What fight I had is broken
A spirit left for reaping
A trudging soul
No longer strength to run

A smile of pure abandon
A battered soul now leaping
What choices made
Can lead us to this turn

What heart I had once,
What fight? Is slowly rising
What strength returns, but still I will not run.


Just a little something that came out when I was thinking, 14-December

Inconvenient painful truths

It’s time for some brutal and painful honesty tonight, gentle readers.. The type of honesty you don’t want to admit even to yourself: the type of honesty that brings the hot painful tears to both the reader and the author. The type of honesty that only freshly opened, never healed, very deep wounds can evoke.

First, you should note I’ve no clue how long this will be or where it will go. You take this journey as I take this journey; blind and fucking batshit crazy until we reach our port of call.


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